Well the days have been mixed , some very hot others mild , with cooler mornings it's best to get your fossicking in early . Remember the sun screen, lots of water, a big hat and a long sleeved cotton shirt. Then you can spend the rest of the day sight seeing and socialising. Come and stay on the Sapphire Fields, we have accommodation to suit all tastes, Take-Away or Dine-In meals available at the local Pubs and Cafes. You can spend your days looking for your own gem, go Hiking, Bird Watching, Four Wheel Driving or just plain relaxing.

Did you know that 'Policeman's Knob' in Rubyvale [pictured] is the oldest known basalt plug, it is 56Ma old . There are more than 70 volcanic plugs in the area northwest of Anakie , they form a circular area some 50km across. Some of the plugs form sharp hills and mountains while others are just low rises. [source: The Geology of Australia by David Johnson]. You can see Policeman's Knob very clearly from our Shelter Shed and there are tracks off Goanna Flat Road that can be walked to get to the top - its' a great view!